Saturday, December 14, 2013

We have moved to a new blog! Follow us!

Hi Everyone!
We have moved to a new blog! Follow us at

Its so much better and we are posting very often!
Give away event is coming up very soon (means when I'm done with my personal shits)
Don't forget to say Hi! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hi everyone!
Finally I opened my online store! :D
I'm very excited, and nervous at same time.
it took me more than 3 month to get set and open..
I want to share with whoever watching this :)

So this is my logo XD 
name is PINX!

I took pics and edit it and did everything by myself..
that's why it took SOO long... :(

This store is basically all about Korean & Japanese Fashion.
I wanted it to be different with others.

One of the insperation is Seto Ayumi

Isn't she so adorable? 

Anyway , Please visit and let your friends know !
I ship Worldwide :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Fashion DIY] Make Tattoo Stocking in 10 min!

I'm a bitch. I didn't post a thing for sooo long.
But hey, I am very lazy and I love to pretend like I'm busy.
And you guys just don't comment... and never follow...
I know you are reading this. 
If you want me to post more about shitty DIY and whatever,

Ok. Now let's start.

I saw so many gals were wearing this tattoo stocking.
Especially those hipsters and "fashionistas" (I don't know.. what do you call them? you know, like those fashion bloggers... aren't they are like some kind of "Ulzzang" but in western version? No? ...whateva.)
I wanted it. 
But my wallet didn't wanted it. 
I could have afford it but my wallet didn't.
I made it!
It's so easy and short!

What You Need:

  • A Good or OK quality Stocking ( Don't use those Dollar store one...just...don't...Please..)
  • Printed Tattoo picture that you want (or you can design it yourself)
  • Tape or sticker 
  • Thick paper (cardboard or something .. I used a piece from a paper box)

1. Wear the stocking. And Mark with the tape or sticker where you want the tattoo to be.
I recommend you to use tapes; I was so lazy to find the tape so I used sticker to mark the where the top and bottom will be. 
And take the stocking off. 

2. I found the image of Chanel Tattoo sticker, and photoshopped as I want. 
Print it out, and cut it out and glue it on the thick paper.
Don't forget to cut the thick paper to round shape or the edge of it will rip your stocking like Grrrrrrrrr!

3. put the thick paper into the stocking and place it where you marked.
When you are putting the paper in Be careful not to rip your stocking.

4. Use a thin Sharpie to trace the image that you printed.
yep. Just draw it on stocking.
And DO NOT try to trace every single detail.
It will drive you insane.
and thin sharpie is not that thin.

And Pull out the thick paper.

and Wear it!


Thanks for visiting
I know typing few words is so exhausting and will ruin your whole day 
but please! make me feel like posting more!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

So I went to study...

Bad thing about studying with best friend is you forget why you are here......

I bought this T-shirts in the punk store at Queen St. West.
I really liked the graphic but they only had large.... :(
I was standing there for 15 min and decide to buy it.
i've cut the neckline out, and roll the sleeves up like a sleeveless.
and I LOVE it, and seems like many people love it!
including so many random AC/DC fans on the street lol

when she was talking on the phone
i had fun time with her Mac book.
Loopy (is it right?) from Pororo
the famous Chinese Alien girl (i don't know her name..)



What did ya say!!!!!!?????!!?!?!!??

And some lovely dance time with Chunky.

i'm so sure this dog is on some serious shit..
always so hyper... he doesn't know what to do with his energy..
i should name him The crackhead

And the ending is with Dva's special Cocktail!
don't know whats in it exactly but taste soo gooooood
Cheers everyone!!

..wait.. I came here to study I think....????

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Fashion DIY] Pearl Kitten ear hairband

so, I saw this picture of Pixie Lott & K-pop boyband Big bang on internet.
Only thing catched my eyes was what Pixie Lott is wearing on the head.

The picture was not big enough to see the detail but I knew what that is!


It was in the Japanese Magazine,

Famous Japanese model "Maswaka Tsubasa" was wearing it,

 And my Favorite model "Suzuki Emi" was wearing it!

I was like "OMG THAT IS THE MUST!!!"

but obviously.
it is a Japanese product ( It's from the japanese brand "CA4LA" )
it is very expensive, and you cannot find it in Canada.
.....oh yea canada..

So I decided to make one !


What you need:


  • Hair Band that you don't use Anymore ( or very simple plastic Hair Band)
  • 2 Large Clips around 5cm(2 inch) long
  • very tiny elastic hair bands (I prefer white)
  • Fake pearls ( I broke old& cheap pearl necklace i don't use anymore)
  • Candle & Needle


1. This is the hairband I bought from Ardene.. it was 3 for $10 or something.
Of course i bought it without even trying on.
It looked cute before i try , but when I tried on, the Ribbon was on the most awkward place ever.
 it was like i was walking on the street and the ribbon fell on my head from nowhere.
I ended up never wearing it.. 

Whatever, When you cut thr end of it and take off the fabric part, 
you will see the plastic hair band.
take that out.
Or you can just use the simple hair band you have or buy one.
I am just too cheap to buy one.

2. Unfold the clip straight.
Make it as straight as you can.
but don't try too hard to make it perfectly straight.
if it's like a picture, that's okay.

3. Thread one Pearl on the middle, and fold the clip like the picture above.
 Then fold the clip like a cat ear shape.
I know. by now you will be like 'wtf this looks soo stupid'
but hold on, it will look less stupid at the end.

4. Coil a elastic band around the clip like the picture above.
Make it Tight as possible. 

5. bring it right next to the pearl.
This will hold the pearl on the right place.

6. Do same thing on the other side of the pearl.
Now the pearl has no where to escape!! Tahahah!

7. Keep doing this until you get ...

leave 1~1.5 cm at the ends.

7. Make two of it !

8.Mark where you want to place this two pearl ears.
Compare well so that it goes right place.
If you do this roughly, it will be another new awkward hair band..


9. Heat up the needle for 5-7 seconds and push it to where you marked.
It will make a hole very easily.
 If your hair band is not plastic or heat resistance..... well...............too bad.

10.  Place the ears on right position, and roll the ends so it doesn't hurt your scalp.


It is not so easy to make this.... it takes time!
It took me like and hour and a half.

But Hey, isn't this so unique??
I think this is not only for grown ups, but for your baby princess, it will be SUPER CUTE!